Interview With Costi Hinn: Leaving Uncle Benny to (Really) Follow Jesus

Here's an absolutely fascinating interview with Benny Hinn's nephew, Costi Hinn. Costi went from being an insider in his world-famous uncle's ministry to being just a "regular" Bible-teaching pastor. Please listen and share this episode with your friends who need to hear the real Gospel message! 

Costi Hinn

Costi Hinn

Here is the website for Costi Hinn's church: Mission Bible Church 

Here is the media ministry website for Mission Bible Church: Equip the Saint

Costi Hinn's articles on Pulpit and Pen: Pulpit and Pen

His Twitter handle is: @costiwhinn

Marcia Montenegro: Astrologer Overtaken by the Love of God

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Here's a fascinating interview with Marcia Montenegro, a former professional astrologer for 8 years and teacher of astrology; a former practitioner for many years of Eastern-type meditation and beliefs, and who engaged in various occult practices such as having a spirit guide and doing astral travel:

Here is Marcia's website:

Christian Answers for the New Age

From Word of Faith to Museum Boy-A Conversation with Chris Rice



Here's the latest Messed Up Church Podcast where Steve talks with Chris Rice. Chris posts many of the stories in The Museum of Idolatry (that's why Steve sometimes refers to him as "The Museum Boy"). Their discussion is centered around the Word of Faith movement:

Does God Really Need Rock Bands? 3 Worship Team Dropouts Talk About It

All 3 of these guys used to play in the worship band but now they all go to a liturgical church and worship out of a hymnal. Steve Kozar talks with his son, Andrew, and their good friend John Wiedenbeck, in this very funny, interesting and (probably) offensive episode of The Messed Up Church Podcast. Find out what changed their minds:

Andrew Kozar (left); Steven Kozar (center); John Wiedenbeck (right)

Andrew Kozar (left); Steven Kozar (center); John Wiedenbeck (right)

Just for fun, here's an old photo of John & Andrew when they were about 15 years old and Steve (the slightly irresponsible Dad) brought them to a Steve Vai concert:

Mishel McCumber: Delivered from the Luciferian Gospel of Rick Joyner




In part one of this fascinating & eye-opening series, Steve Kozar interviews Mishel McCumber about her deliverance from the "Luciferian Gospel" of Rick Joyner & Morningstar Ministries:

For Further research:

The Brand New "Messed Up Church Podcast!" Interview with Craig Parton

In the very first episode of The Messed Up Church Podcast, Steve talks with Craig Parton while at the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights, in Strasbourg, France. 

The International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights

Craig Parton Books at Amazon