"Man Cuddling"-The New Way to Bring Men to the Church?

We all know how hard it is to get men to come to church. Perhaps this new trend is the missing piece of the puzzle to convince them to show up! Read more on: Is Not Satire

Men are always so hesitant to talk about topics like love, spirituality, feelings, relationships, etc., that's why they don't get too excited about attending a church service. Maybe the opportunity to spend some quiet time cuddling-with another man-is just what they need!



(In case you're worried that this is an actual "man cuddling" event, you can calm down-it's not. This is just ridiculous satirical writing to go along with the ridiculousness of this whole "revival" and the two men who are actually cuddling for some unknown reason. Bottom line: this is NOT how the Holy Spirit operates.)