The Prophetic Wealth Piñata at Glory of Zion

God has spoken a NEW and FRESH word! And it involves a Prophetic Wealth Piñata!!

"When we bust this thing open we're doing it in anticipation and we're gonna see the wealth that has been deposited inside of us begin to manifest, we're gonna see the giftings that are inside of us come alive in another way, because the Lord is calling us to unlock the next portion of wealth but we have to recognize the wealth that's in us first, so we bust this thing open and we say that there is wealth coming forth and being unlocked." 

Jesus Plays Saxophone; Pray in Tongues to Get More Money; Get EVERY Prayer Answered and More!


New revelation from God is now available-thanks to Sid Roth and his guest: Kevin Zadai. This useful information is not available in your Bible, but don't worry, Kevin Zadai met directly with Jesus Himself.

Please watch this compilation video to learn more; (for even more revelation, here's the full 28 minute video):

Do not be skeptical of these new revelations from God, because Sid Roth is fully supported and endorsed by the important Biblical scholar, Dr. Michael Brown.


Kris Vallotton: "Wealth is the Magnetic Attraction to Prosperity"

Bethel Pastor, Kris Vallotton, has revealed an important principle:

"Wealth is not just a condition, it's a power. God is the one who gives people the power to make wealth, which is the magnetic attraction to prosperity."

"His celestial mission was to make us wealthy. He didn’t become poor so He could demonstrate the power of poverty; quite the contrary. Actually, He became poor to demonstrate the process to prosperity." -Kris Vallotton from his blog