God is Handing Out Swords and Mantles to His Wonder Women

Destiny Image publisher, Larry Sparks, recently watched the Wonder Woman movie, and then he sensed that the Holy Spirit was giving him some "prophetic thoughts..."

God is Handing Out Swords and Mantles to His Wonder Women


(Remember, we can trust Destiny Image because they publish the scholar Dr. Michael Brown.)

God Wants to Give You: Electrocution, Fire, Pain... Says Apostle Randy Clark

Pay attention to this supernatural teaching from Randy Clark. Randy is the guy who received the anointing of electricity, fire, pain, drunkenness, and uncontrollable laughter from Rodney Howard-Browne, and then began the Toronto Blessing back in 1994.

Listen to the lovely sound of people screaming in pain:


Lest you have any doubts, here's Stacey Campbell at the Toronto 20th Anniversary celebration adding more clarity to this great movement:

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New revelation from God is now available-thanks to Sid Roth and his guest: Kevin Zadai. This useful information is not available in your Bible, but don't worry, Kevin Zadai met directly with Jesus Himself.

Please watch this compilation video to learn more; (for even more revelation, here's the full 28 minute video):

Do not be skeptical of these new revelations from God, because Sid Roth is fully supported and endorsed by the important Biblical scholar, Dr. Michael Brown.