Kris Vallotton: "Wealth is the Magnetic Attraction to Prosperity"

Bethel Pastor, Kris Vallotton, has revealed an important principle:

"Wealth is not just a condition, it's a power. God is the one who gives people the power to make wealth, which is the magnetic attraction to prosperity."

"His celestial mission was to make us wealthy. He didn’t become poor so He could demonstrate the power of poverty; quite the contrary. Actually, He became poor to demonstrate the process to prosperity." -Kris Vallotton from his blog


Michael the Archangel is Always in a Bad Mood and Wears Wrestling Tights, Says Bob Jones to Kris Vallotton

In this special service to remember the Prophet, Bob Jones, Kris Vallotton explains how he was visited by a gigantic Native-American looking man who appeared to him after having repeated nightmares. Vallotton didn't know who the gigantic man was, but afterwards, Bob Jones asks him if he saw an angry man who looks like an Indian wearing wrestling tights with no shirt. Vallotton responds "yes," to which Bob Jones says "oh dat Michael, he always in a bad mood."

This should be helpful information for anyone interested in knowing the exact appearance and disposition of Michael, the Archangel.