Bethel Church Tells Witch that She's "On the Right Path" and "God is So Proud of Her!"

This is an article from a former Christian who is now a witch; her blog is called: "Born Again Witch." She and her fellow witch-friends (called a "coven") visited Bill Johnson's famous Bethel Church, in Redding California, and they also visited Bethel's "School of Supernatural Ministry" where people are supposed to receive healing. Although she ended up being disappointed with the healing experience, she is very happy about the "prophetic word" she received from a Bethel "prophet" who "spoke a word" over her, and this "word" totally confirmed her involvement in witchcraft-just like all the other "prophetic words" she had received at Bethel on another occasion, which she writes about here: 

Christian Prophecies For A Witch

Here's how she sums up her experience at Bethel, after she pondered all the positive prophetic words she received there: 

To me, receiving a prophecy from a Christian source was a powerful piece of magic that worked towards healing and integration. I felt like Jesus Himself and God Herself opened their arms to me and said ‘Child, surrender! Welcome home.’
— Annika Mongen-"Born Again Witch"
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These are not the ravings of some crazy person; in fact, Annika writes very thoughtful, articulate and transparent articles. What is truly amazing is that no one at Bethel lovingly confronted her about her beliefs-instead she was given 100% encouragement-supernatural encouragement- from Bethel's "prophets" to continue in her beliefs. 

So here's a question that Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and all the other false teachers at Bethel "Church" won't answer:

What spirit would encourage a former Christian to continue practicing witchcraft? Definitely not The Holy Spirit!


If you're angry at this article and want to refute it, here's a more extensive article to consider: Defusing Demonic Dirty Bombs; and these are a number of programs where Pastor Chris
Rosebrough exposes Bill Johnson's inability to rightly handle God's Word; and here are a
bunch of articles explaining the many problems with Johnson and Bethel.


Closing thoughts: some readers will object and say "those prophets don't represent Bethel-they were just mistaken in these rare cases; no one is perfect. How dare you criticize!"

So let's get this straight, Bethel is a super-Holy church where God is constantly doing amazing miracles-it's experiencing unprecedented revival all the time; and Bill Johnson is a super-anointed pastor who hears directly from God all the time; and Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry is doing amazing work in training people how to "operate in the Spirit" so they can do supernatural things all the time... but the very people who received training at this super-anointed place got their prophecies utterly wrong and accidentally encouraged a woman to continue in her witchcraft-on multiple occasions? And even though Bill Johnson brags about walking into a room and "changing the atmosphere" just by his presence, his own church (full of specially trained "seers" and "prophets") can't figure out that an ex-Christian (who has become a witch and has brought her coven with her), is in their midst? And this is the place that's filled with the Holy Spirit??

Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy IN YOUR NAME, and IN YOUR NAME cast out demons, and IN YOUR NAME perform many miracles?’ And I will declare to them; I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.
— Matthew 7:22
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but TEST THE SPIRITS to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
— 1 John 4:1

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