Papa Don't Push! -Apostle Axel's Ape-tastic Push Anointing

The real Holy Spirit would NEVER cause someone to steal bad movie posters and pretend they were a word from God, but "Apostle" Axel Sippach is aping Hollywood by delivering The Push Anointing to the body of Christ. Do not keep this unbiblical delivery. Our Father in heaven has not placed a Push Anointing anywhere in his word.

You may not find this "anointing" in God's word, but you will find in Hollywood, which makes Apostle Axel's vain imagination creation 100% ape-tastic!


He's aping the 2009 movie Push. This is what happens when you mix the vain imaginations of a false apostle with seeker sensitive attempts to be relevant. You end up with 0% bible, and 100% vain imagination.

Notice how he turns the power of the Holy Spirit into an impersonal force we can tap into.

There is a ‪#‎power‬ at work within us that most of us have not even tapped into 10% of yet.

Last I knew the Holy Spirit was more than an impersonal power we could tap into like a tree for maple syrup.

Don't let this false apostle turn the Holy Spirit into an impersonal force you can tap into. His teaching is founded in his vain imaginations and not in scripture. Simply put, our Father in heaven has not created a Push Anointing. Do not keep this unbiblical delivery, it's not from our Father.