Literal "Hell on Wheels"-Your Vehicle May Be a Demon, Says "Prophetess" Rosalind

Your motorcycle may be a literal Hell's Angel says "Prophetess" Rosalind Solomon. According to her your Lexus could be Legion, your Beamer could be Belial, and well, you get the idea.

You are more than free to watch her almost hour long explanation here. Like me, you probably don't want to do that, so just for you, I've chopped it down into two easily digestible parts. Well maybe, not that easily digestible.

In the first video you will hear a lot of nonsense. The gist? 

1. Your vehicle or motorcycle may be a demon made by Satan of a dead human. 
2. Satan can even put demons in jewelry, makeup, creams, hair dye, weave hair, turkey tails, and canned goods at the 99 cent store.

Have you lost your sense of lucid equilibrium yet? I had to listen about five times just to understand her flow of thought. As far as vehicles go, demons are limited to luxury cars, mostly. 

Let's go to exhibit two. Can you handle the "truth"?

The gist? There are humanoid demons that can block the heart from receiving the gospel, so you must take measures to remove it.

Prophetess Rosalind appears to have an audience. If you take time to listen to her entire video, she mentions people who send her money for books, and she even holds conferences that people attend. You can visit her website and Youtube channel.

Why point out the over the top vain imaginations of an obscure false prophetess? Because she's an example of the ongoing need to warn people. People are sadly so easily deceived. She doesn't have the gravitas or funding of the popular false prophets, yet she has followers.

If she can so easily deceive when she lacks gravitas, imagine what someone with major money and talent behind their false ministry can do.

There is no difference between her vain imaginations and the vain imaginations coming from the popular mega-false ministries. Both are founded in the unreality of their own imaginations, and not in scripture.

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