The Nagging Prophetess!

Do you want to receive blessings from God? Do you want protection from the coming calamity? Do you want the latest prophetic instructions from God? Not the latest prophetic instructions from a month or two ago, but right now?? Well then stop watching Vonda Brewer's YouTube videos for free, you cheap, uncommitted phony! You need to pay $300 to become a part of her private Facebook group!! (Chris Rosebrough, you've been giving away thousands of hours of valuable material for years now-get a clue from the Vonda The Nag!) 

We've done the world a favor by speeding up Vonda's video so that the painful 17 minutes is reduced to a slightly more bearable 7:21...

In the words of the Prophetess:

All Sales Are Final!

(By the way, The Nag has disabled the "thumbs up/thumbs down" feature on this YouTube video. Maybe because she was getting "thumbs down" about 5 to 1 after we originally posted this...)