"Prophets" Declare 2016 The Year of the Re: Slipstream Crossover Excel Tide Turning Year that...

Want to know what is going to happen in 2016 but are nervous about visiting a palm reader or psychic? No worries, the "Christian" equivalent to psychics and fortune tellers a.k.a. false prophets have been chiming in and telling the world what the Holy Spirit is telling them will be going down in 2016.

Thus far we can say that 2016 will be The Year of the Re: slipstream crossover excel tide turning acceleration in which God reintroduces Himself as El Shaddai as well as the year great tribulation starts and the anti-christ appears.

Does this information help you know what to expect in the coming year? We didn't think so.

Either God, the Holy Spirit is no longer capable of lucid communication or none of these so-called prophets are actually hearing from God.

But let's break this all down and see if it helps clear things up.

1. Charisma Magazine declared 2016 the year of the Re:

2. Lana Vawswer declared that the Holy Spirit told her that 2016 is the year of the slipstream.

3. Steven Furtick of Elevation Church claims that the word God gave him for 2016 is crossover

4. Keith Craft claims that the word God gave him for 2016 is excel [insert Microsoft Office and spreadsheet jokes here]. 

5. Cindy Jacobs claims that God has told the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders that 2016 is the year the tide turns.

6. Robert Hotchkin of the Prophetic Holy Orders Network Information Exchange Syndicate claims that God told him that 2016 is the year that God reintroduces himself as El Shaddai.

7. Jim Bakker and his guests have predicted that the Great Tribulation will begin in March of 2016 and the Anti-Christ will walk on the world's stage in 2016.

8. Joel Osteen says that the word God gave him for 2016 is Accelerate.

9. John Kilpatrick says that this is the Year of the Wind.

10. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran says that this is the Year of Edification and Equipping.

11. Jerry Savelle says 2016 is The Year of The Great Breaking Loose.

12. Dr. Jerry Brandt says 2016 is The Year of Manifestation.

13. The "Apostle" John Arcovio says the Lord clearly told him to Beware of Elymas for 2016.

14. The "Prophet" Brian Carn says 2016 is the year to Get the Anointing to Increase.

 15. Wayne Sutton says 2016 is the year to Awaken in Spirit and Change Your Name. 

16. "Apostle Prophet" Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia says (under the trusty anointing of Ruach Ha Kodesh) that Devastation is Coming! Devastation is Here!

17. Ken Malone (who ministers with a prophetic, seer anointing which enables him to identify, activate and release redemptive gifts in individuals, churches and cities) says this is the Year of the KAIROS OPPORTUNITY and Open Doors.

18. Doug Addison (who is a prophetic forerunner!) has a Prophetic Forecast for 2016... but you have to pay for it. You can get the paperback, the PDF or the Kindle version. Doug says it'll help you "get into sync with heaven for 2016." 


“Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.” (Jeremiah 23:16)