Battle of the Crazy Gigantic Extreme Christmas Spectacles!!

Which of these church productions is the most massively spectacular? The most magnificent, colossal and gargantuan? The most unbelievably extreme, bodacious and over-the-top?? 

But more importantly, do these über expensive spectacles help the church fulfill the Great Commission or are they signs of the decadence and corruption of Evangelicalism?


Here's a heartwarming Christmas story: At John Hagee's Mega-Church they expect members to tithe regularly; however, they realize that some people are poor, unemployed or just "down on their luck," so the non-tithers are required to go listen to Pastor Hagee sing and play the saxophone at Christmas and pretend they enjoyed it. This will compensate for their inability to tithe for one year...


Closing thoughts: it's obvious there are a lot of talented, hard-working volunteers putting in a tremendous effort in these productions; they are to be commended for that. But, in the desire to get people to show up and then "make a decision" for Jesus, these productions take so much time and energy from a church body it seems possible that very little time is left for actual Bible study and discipleship. Just something to think about.