The Hillsong Day of Infamy

Hillsong Church has very serious doctrinal and theological problems, such as its corporate take-over strategy for church growth, its use of worldly entertainment to draw gigantic crowds (and then avoid proclaiming the Gospel in order to keep those crowds), and its clearly un-biblical Word of Faith/prosperity/New Apostolic Reformation teachings. But there is an event that you are not supposed to know about-a very disturbing and sickening event. And if you do know about it, you're only supposed to know the Hillsong version of it.

This day occurred in late October of 1999. This is the day Frank Houston told his son, Brian Houston, that he had sexually abused a child in the church-he admitted to being a pedophile. Brian Houston kept this a secret and eventually became the new pastor as he protected his father; but today he claims that he was open and transparent about his father's sin. Brian Houston has since become an Evangelical Superstar (and millionaire). He has become one of the most influential pastors in the world. He has become a best-selling author. The one thing he hasn't become is honest about what really happened. 

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