The Brian Houston & Hillsong Cornucopia of False Doctrine, Abuse, Obfuscation & Money Generation

Brian Houston and his gigantic Hillsong enterprise need to be critically examined in light of Scripture, just like any pastor and any church-but especially because his influence is felt in thousands of churches world-wide. Millions and millions of people are being affected by what he says and does. Being rich and famous does not make someone immune from scrutiny. 

The following is a list of articles from Christians coming from different denominational and theological backgrounds, who all agree that Brian Houston and the Hillsong global conglomerate are not to be trusted as a Biblically sound church. For even more information, visit our Australian friends over at Church Watch Central; they have done a tremendous amount of research on Houston, Hillsong and other related pastors/ministries.

Disgusting Hillsong Santa Has a "Package" For You

Brian Houston Leverages Off Father's Reputation & Hides Paedophilia to Promote Himself & Hillsong

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Biffs It on Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday

Brian Houston on the "Naked Cowboy" Event: "I'm Clueless About It-But It's No Big Deal Anyway"

Brian Houston: Used Car Salesman Pushing the Hillsong Brand


For those who think it's mean, judgmental and un-loving to criticize Brian Houston (or any other popular teacher) here's something just for you: Shocking Stuff You're Not Supposed to Know.

If you're having a knee-jerk reaction to try and defend Brian Houston, check out: Confirmation Bias: Why You Are Protecting Your False Beliefs.

Finally, here's an important article that will help you be more discerning and a lot less gullible: Defusing Demonic Dirty Bombs.


-This article by Steven Kozar