Is "Sacred" Andy Stanley Resigning from North Point Community Church Yet? by Church Watch Central

Here's a recent article from our friends at Church Watch Central:

Sacred Stanley Resigning From North Point Community Church?

In the recent Church Leaders article (referred to in the Church Watch Central article above) Andy Stanley said the church is "too resistible" and, although he's glad that his church has led the way in eliminating "steeples, choirs and suits," they still need to change more, so that a larger number of people will want to attend. Stanley is unable to figure out why the church can't get even bigger; in his mind there's very little reason why unbelievers should reject Christianity. While it's true that we Christians should do our best to be good neighbors and demonstrate Christ's love to everyone as much as possible, it's also true that the unbeliever sometimes just wants to reject us (along with our God).

Here are several Fighting for the Faith programs that delve deeper into Stanley's teaching; especially his bizarre "temple model" series of sermons.