Former Mars Hill Leader Sets Perry Noble Straight

On yesterday's Fighting for the Faith I reviewed a video put out by Perry Noble defending Mark Driscoll restoring himself back into ministry by starting a church. 

Since then, former member of the leadership team at Mars Hill, Dave Kraft has weighed in and left a comment on Perry Noble's video. Here is what Dave Kraft told Noble:

Perry, I appreciate your heart in all of this, but do wish you had done your homework and exercised due diligence by finding out what really happened at MHC! I'm afraid you are in the dark about the truth of what transpired and why The Acts 29 network, Paul Tripp and 30 former elders believe that Mark Driscoll disqualified himself and needs to make some things right before stepping back into pastoral ministry! I appreciate your ministry, read your books and value your leadership wisdom.

This comment by Kraft is very telling and gives us a glimpse into the other side of the story, the part Mark Driscoll and Perry Noble are not telling