Driscoll Publicly Repents…For Criticizing Osteen

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“At the end of the day we’re all on the same side,” says Hillsong celeb Brian Houston of Mark Driscoll’s sudden attack of conscience.  Our friends at Pulpit & Pen have audio of Driscoll’s statement. Here is a snippet, but do go to the site and listen for yourself:

Speaking at the Hillsong conference, Mark Driscoll repented for a number of things. Praise God. Hallelujah.

Milking the Best-Seller’s List by Improperly Using Church FundsAsking staff about their wive’s favorite sexual positionWell more than a dozen counts of plagiarism Porno-graphic discerno-visionThrowing people under the Mars Hill bus

No. Driscoll didn’t repent for any of that stuff. Driscoll repented for having criticized Joel Osteen.

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