Ryan LeStrange's New Doctrine Competes with the Sneaky Squid Spirit-Who Will Be the Victor?!

Here's an article from Charisma Magazine by Ryan Lestrange:

10 Signs of a Preacher is Influenced by Leviathan


LeStrange has clearly been influenced by the New Doctrine of the Sneaky Squid Spirit and appears to be feeling left out. In the world of Charismania, anyone can make up anything, and then everyone is supposed to nod their heads in agreement. Even Dr. Michael Brown can't bring himself to admit that the Sneaky Squid Spirit is ridiculous; most likely he would go along with whatever wacky new doctrine that Ryan LeStrange invents, too. 


Ryan LeStrange and Jennifer LeClaire seem to be battling it out for the title of:

"Most Willing to Make Up New Doctrine and Sell Stuff to the Desperate & Gullible."

This article by LeStrange is an example of the pot calling the kettle black. This is what false teachers do all the time: they speak against the very thing they are guilty of. 

Here is point number one from LeStrange's article: 

"They boast more of their accomplishments than the man Jesus. The preaching of the gospel can include many facets, but the main aim is to declare Jesus. Anytime ministry becomes more about a person or personality, it has gotten off course. Leviathan will make it about a man rather than clearly lifting up the name of Jesus." -Ryan LeStrange.

This is an amazing comment from a man who prattles on like a hyper-active teenager about useless topics that have almost no Gospel message or mention of Jesus Christ the resurrected Savior who died for our sins.

Want to hear someone boasting "more of their accomplishments than the man Jesus?" Here is Ryan's bio at the bottom of this article (punctuation errors included):

"Ryan LeStrange is an apostolic and prophetic revolutionary, laboring to see global awakening He is the founder and apostolic leader of a global network of ministries known as TRIBE Apostolic Network. He is the senior leader of the iHub movement, planting and overseeing a network of governing churches, apostolic hubs, and revival hubs Ryan is also a real estate investor who is active in the business arena. Ryan is an accomplished author. His latest release is titled Hell's Toxic Trio. Ryan and his wife, Joy, have one son, Joshua, and currently reside in Virginia."