LeClaire's Apostolic Daddy Kicked Her Praise God! – Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire’s apostolic daddy James Goll literally kicked Jennifer LeClaire while at the Upgrade Conference. In response she exclaimed, “Praise God!”

Below you’ll see a Facebook post from Goll describing himself as a father in the faith to Jennifer LeClaire and Ryan LeStrange, and a video from LeClaire describing the prophetic kick in the pants she received from her apostolic daddy.

LeClaire’s brief video is wilted word salad that really doesn’t mean anything at all. It has lots of fun buzzwords, that when strung together appear to mean something, but really it means nothing.

Launch into "mega transition?"  "Mega upgrade??"

Being kicked is normal? And it's actually desirable??

It’s just weird. Really weird.

Are these people even preaching the gospel, or are they on some sort of mystical jungle gym trying to climb from bar to bar?

So much of what they say and do distracts from the gospel.

People like LeClaire really should take advice like Dr. Michael Brown gave in a recent video about the doctrines of demons.

He lists anything that takes you away from the exaltation of Jesus, the centrality of the word of God, and being seduced from the simplicity of Christ, as being part of the doctrine of demons.

Using vague buzzwords like mega transition, and mega upgrades, or focusing on being literally kicked by your apostolic daddy seems like it takes away from the exaltation of Christ, centrality of the word of God, and the simplicity of Christ.

People like Jennifer LeClaire need to repent of this worthless nonsense, and people like Dr. Michael Brown who befriend, associate, and minister with them, need to help in the process of calling them out to repentance.