Jennifer LeClaire Claims New Age "Angels of Transition" Will Save America?

We are witnessing the merging of New Age channeling and false prophetic pronouncements from Charismaniacs, who have once again reached deep into their Charismania Adjective Grab Bag to give their latest vain imagination an air of credibility. 

The Charismania Adjective Grab Bag has a simple formula. First, come up with a vain imagination and claim it's from God. Second, pin a legitimate Bible word to it. Third, reach deep into your bag of adjectives, and feel around for a correct sounding adjective. If you need a little help with ideas, the demons are more than happy to plant words in your head; or if you are a New Age channeler, you would say that you have "telepathic communication from Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides."   

Jennifer LeClaire, senior editor of Charisma, has basically duplicated ideas from a New Age channeler. A recent article at Charisma News tells us LeClaire has released angels of transition over America, in order to create a POTUS Shield (we are not making this up).

Wow! Where does Jennifer LeClaire get these ideas from?? "Angels of Transition" is not in the Bible, but...  maybe she's just using ideas from New Age Channeler, Cynthia Silk? Cynthia gets her messages directly from her "Angelic Channeler" and she talks about Angels of Transition just like Jennifer LeClaire! Here's a screenshot from Cynthia Silk's website:

Where in the Bible does it tell us there are "angels of transition?" Where in the Bible does it tell us we can "release angels?"  NOWHERE!! These are 100% PAGAN ideas and practises.

In the article Jennifer LeClaire goes on to tell us that the Holy Spirit told her a kingdom would be toppled, and that she saw it with her own eyes.

LeClaire tags unbiblical charismaniac adjectives to her vain imagination concerning angels, and in the past she's claimed to have received vital prophetic revelation for the church, but held the prophecy for ransom until you purchased her book.

Should we really trust the "revelations" of this person who peddles God for profit as she attempts to validate her vain imaginations with words she pulls out of her Charismania Adjective Grab Bag? Is it even possible that the Holy Spirit is giving these so-called prophetic words to Jennifer LeClaire and New Age psychic Cynthia Silk? Of course not!

There is more... 

They started something called POTUS Shield to create a serious prophetic and prayer shield over parts of the government. A prayer event was held at the National Press Club, including dominionist NARpostles like Lance Wallnau and Lou Engle.


Around the time Lou Engle was praying, a guy is seen using his selfie stick as others continue to pray around him. Is this a form of NARcissism? This is "Christian Grandstanding" with "Celebrity Super Apostles."


Many of these narcissistic, money grubbing, charismaniac and NAR leaders are fawning over Trump. Maybe because they see a fellow lover of money much like themselves reflected in Trump? Narcissists do love to look at their own reflection.

So what's the purpose of pointing all of this out? Is it an exercise in getting our blood boiling for no reason?


Ultimately the purpose is to lead people away from these false teachers who enjoy the sound of their own voice way too much. We should have nothing to do with New Age ideas and bloviating "Christian" celebrities! People need to be brought back to Jesus, the Gospel, and into being firmly rooted in Christ, and not in the vain imaginations of "prophets" who peddle their "Christian fortune telling" as the voice of God.

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These false teachers are part of The New Apostolic Reformation

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