God Releases Two Witnesses from "U-Haul" Trailer

The two witnesses of Revelation 11 are named Marshall and Russell, and have been released from a U-Haul like trailer according to "Seer" Rhonda Empson.

Rhonda Empson in a recent Youtube video claimed to be a seer who is God's mouthpiece. She describes a God given dream about the releasing of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Their names are apparently Marshall and Russell, and they've been kept hidden in a U-Haul like trailer by God.

According to Rhonda, Marshall and Russell have been released from the U-Haul by God and are now roaming  around free. A brief side note, two characters from the cartoon Paw Patrol are named Marshall and Rubble.

So it's possible that this fictional message that's for the dogs is influenced by a cartoon that has two dogs.

Does this absurd "word" from God really need further commentary?