Pastor Barrett's Debate Dysphoria Disorder

Does Pastor Glyn Barrett suffer from Debate Dysphoria Disorder?

Pastor Glyn Barrett of !Audacious Church may have a bad case of Debate Dysphoria Disorder. He's not content with a debate that never existed, so he's created his own debate reality in his head.

Pastor Glyn has a boastful brag about his showdown with an atheist at the Cambridge University corral. 

Amazing, sounds like he silenced those atheists, doesn't it? The thing is, the atheists were already silent. Why? Because they weren't there. This debate never happened. 

The Cambridge University Atheist and Agnostic Society claims to know nothing about the debate. (From

From another blog on Patheos.

Even worse, Pastor Glyn's story sounds similar to this from Mark Finley.


Things like Debate Dysphoria Disorder happen when you feel constant pressure to be grandiose and audacious. Most of the time life is very simple, and yes, even mundane. To avoid slipping into things like Debate Dysphoria Disorder don't stress yourself out when life is just so, well, normal.