Saints on Sofas-"How Church Should Be!" Says Christ Fellowship Church

Forget the five solas, we need saints on sofas. Lots and lots of sofas. Christ Fellowship Church says saints on sofas is "how church should be."

He clearly said it in jest, but there's no real difference between what's said in jest and what is actually happening at Christ Fellowship Church. Is this really what the modern Evangelical church has come to? Bragging about sweet couches at "church?" Pandering to your congregation with stunts that promote movies?? Does this guy appear to be a minister of the Gospel, or a late night infomercial host promoting the latest worthless gadget?

How have we gone from the five solas to saints on sofas within 500 years? Luther fought against spiritual whoredom from the papacy, and now a new type of spiritual whoredom has replaced it.

Under both scenarios those in power feed the saints poison from Satan that only serves to distract saints from the pure gospel.

We stand upon the shoulders of brave men, but if we could look down and see them today, surely they would be looking up and weeping.

Becoming all things to all people to win some by all means (1 Cor. 9:19-23) has been grossly distorted by church growth "experts," and seeker-sensitive superstars. Putting saints on sofas, serving popcorn, and talking about movies should be the reason for Christians to find another church-not the reason for church growth! Read The Gospel in the Background Does Seeker-Oriented Evangelism Make the Most of Every Opportunity? by Todd Wilken for further explanation.

As a side note, is this little mistake a "Freudian slip?" (Or maybe his skinny jeans were just a little too tight to allow proper blood circulation to the brain this morning)