Prophet Launches Holy Ghost Missile Against Singleness

Are you stuck in singleness or the friend zone?  Can’t find marital bliss? Do you sense that maybe a witch or marine agent is the nemesis keeping you there? Looking for a remedy? Let me be more specific.

Are you looking for a prophet who can launch Holy Ghost missiles, and Holy Ghost bulldozers at the witches and marine agents keeping you in the shackles of perpetual singleness? 

I have the perfect prophet for you. Meet prophet Nicholas. He operates the Prophetic & Deliverance page on Facebook.



Prophet Nicholas can launch Holy Ghost missiles, Holy Ghost bulldozers, Holy Ghost earthquakes, and much more. He can launch them right at the witches and marine agents holding you back from complete marital bliss. Here is his Facebook post from June 18, 2016.


Any witchcraft woman sitting on your wedding or marital sit of HONOR that is causing you marital delay, marital denial, marital barrenness, marital crisis, marital disappointment, marital divorce and breakup; Any spiritual husband or wife, marine agents that has wedded you in their sea, ocean, river or in their witchcraft coven; i stand as an oracle of God, as CHRIST ambassador, as an advocator of HEAVEN on EARTH and as a servant of the MOST HIGH GOD; I rebuke, and command Holy Ghost Earthquake, Holy Ghost Thunder, Holy Ghost buldossar, Holy Ghost Force, Holy Ghost missile and Holy Ghost Fire to unsit and consume you demon now and i wash and cover your wedding sit with the BLOOD OF JESUS in the name of JESUS CHRIST. If you believe this prophetic prayer decree Type AMEN, HOLY GHOST FIRE.
Connect/Watsapp: +2348173247508...

You no longer have to blame singleness on your bad personality, or even your bad breath. Singleness is caused by witches and marine agents. Luckily they can be obliterated by the Holy Ghost missile launching Facebook prophet named Nicholas.

In all seriousness, please don't follow prophets claiming the ability to manhandle the sovereign third person of the Trinity.