North Point Church Blog: "No Bible Verses for You!!!"

Apparently North Point Church refuses to allow Bible verses on their blog:

Above is a screenshot from 6:53 pm of a comment made the morning of Thursday, July 28th, on the North Point Church blog. The comment is simply three Bible verses-without commentary or criticism, but they've never been published. The blog says "Your comment is awaiting moderation." Why doesn't North Point want to allow these Bible verses to be shown on their website? Maybe because they'd have to remove them... like they did earlier on this same morning:

And the next day...

they still won't post Bible verses:


Here's a screenshot from two days later (nothing has changed):



North Point Church is making it more difficult to view their "boy band" video (since we published this a few days ago), so we've made this video to remind everyone of it's questionable and foolish content:

If anyone is interested in seeing how this works, go ahead and post some Bible verses to their "boy band" video page and see what happens:

Here's a whole bunch of Bible verses you may want to share with them:

Shocking Stuff You're Not Supposed to Know!

Update: September 12, 2016...