Paula White's Cognitive Dissonance on Human Suffering Needs a Breakthrough

Paula White-Cain, the senior "pastor" of New Destiny Christian Center needs a major breakthrough when it comes to her cognitive dissonance on human suffering. Two recent Facebook posts leave us wondering if she ever did a connect the dots exercise in elementary school.

Below she seems to show empathy and understanding for a woman suffering from an extreme issue of facial bumps.

But then she tells people to simply declare their breakthrough.

This really highlights the lack of depth in the prosperity "gospel" movement. They don't have answers for human suffering. Their understanding of human suffering is about half the breadth of a frog hair, and their ability to provide comfort and a complete perspective on human suffering leaves the hurting hanging in the breeze speaking forth powerless declarations.

The suffering need more than snake oil to sooth pain created by the serpent. They need a comprehensive biblical theology that lets them know the Savior who crushed the serpent's head is always near despite this present suffering they experience.