Doug Addison Announces New Revelation from God-Sells Last Year's Prophecy at a Discount

"Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author, Life Coach and stand-up comedian" according to his online biography.

He also claims to have the inside track to God. This meme shows the level of Doug's extra-special superty-duperty knowledge. He is directing people to their own vain imaginations and to his website. He is NOT directing people to the true Word of God; instead, he is deliberately causing people to avoid it.

And for the truly desperate and deceived, there's this:

There's less than a month left in 2016 and Addison is still trying to make a few more bucks off of his utterly useless book of predictions for 2016. He's gotta clear off space on his shelves before he publishes the "2017 Book of Worthless Christian Fortune Telling." 

Instead of selling these idiotic books at a steep discount, why doesn't he tell everyone about all the stuff that came true since he published them 11 months ago?? He could sell a boatload of the 2017 Edition just by demonstrating all of the wonderful things that were accomplished since the 2016 Edition was published and sold. 

Doug Addison, what kind of God do you serve? You teach that this God is giving confusing and conflicting messages to his people, instead of the one and only Holy Bible that never changes. And we're supposed to believe that God gives special messages directly to you, and then you get to make money by charging people for it?? 



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