"Prophetic" Mystery Meat - Shawn Bolz Needs a Lifeline

Prophets don’t usually need help from their audience, that is unless you’re Shawn Bolz. He began a recent “prophecy” by saying. . .

“Let’s try this out.”
“Sometimes my words land really strongly.”
“It’s like a game show, I need your help.”

When your prophet prefaces his prophecy with words that make it sound like a science experiment, and he calls on you for help, and is basically using you as a lifeline, chances are, your prophet is not a real prophet.

This prophecy is like a hamburger you’d get at a cheap fast food joint. It clearly has some filler, and is not the pure word of God. He mixes it with his own sense of uncertainty, audience participation, and random guessing. This is what a fortune teller does. He’s serving up prophetic mystery meat.

God’s real prophets did not need lifelines. They didn’t act like it was a science experiment. God gave them the direct word and they spoke it.

We don’t need a diet of prophetic mystery meat when God’s word to us is already in the Bible.

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Shawn Bolz is part of the New Apostolic Reformation

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