Mammon Idol at Cedar Creek Church

Has your church ever done a song during an official Sunday worship service that helps direct your heart toward the love of money? Cedar Creek Church directed the hearts of their flock toward money by singing Billionaire by Bruno Mars.

The lyrics are (obviously) very narcissistic. “See my name in shining lights.”

“I wanna be a billionaire so freakin’ bad.”

The job of a shepherd is to direct the heart toward the love of God, not the love of money. This song (and the video) does more to tickle and provoke the love of money, than to stir the heart toward the love of God.

This song was a warm up to the sermon series called "The Vanishing Act" where the pastor starts by asking, "Is there a way to enjoy money the way God intended? That's what this series is all about." Weird...

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