Who Will Be the First Vision-Casting Leader To Sport a Man Bun/Braid?

Since the entire Seeker-Driven movement is predicated on false notion that pagans won't make decisions for Jesus unless the church is cool, relevant and culturally hip, it is only a matter of time until Seeker-Driven Vision-Casting Leaders start sporting Man Buns, Man Braids or a combo of both.

We're certain that it is only a matter of days until we see this happening on the stage of one of the big box multi-site church's and we'll be sure to note who the winner is by honoring them with their own exhibit here in the Museum. In the meantime, who do you think the first Seeker-Driven Vision-Casting Leader to sport a Man Bun/Braid will be?

Will it be...

Levi Lusko
Steven Furtick
Ed Young
Perry Noble
Carl Lentz
Rick Warren
Mark Driscoll
Judah Smith
Andy Stanley
Eric Dykstra
Bill Cornelius
Rob Bell
Bill Hybels
Pope Francsis
or some other leader not listed here?