Redeeming Sex or Confusing Everyone About Sex?

Watch this confusing video of Deb Hirsch talking about her book (from Christian publisher InterVarsity) called "Redeeming Sex" and see if it makes any sense to you:

Okay, now that you've watched this, can you figure out what she's actually talking about? Based on the confusing things she said while promoting her book, maybe she will need to write another book to explain what this one is about.

Hirsch says, "One of the first things the church needs to do, and realize, is that every human (doesn't matter what age you are)... male/female, gay/straight, no matter who you are... we are profoundly sexual beings." She continues, "My definition of sexuality is really about our need to know and be known, to love and be loved, our longing for intimacy and be connected with the other." That's an incredibly vague definition, but things really go downhill from there...

She talks about our "social sexuality-not just the act of sex... there are multiple ways we love God and give our worship to Him, just as there are multiple ways we can love others, and that's the expression of our sexuality... rather than limiting it to one aspect of who we are. But it's very hard to engage in the depth of relationship that, I think, God has for us, unless we broaden our understanding of sexuality." Huh? So sexuality, as we've always understood it, is too narrow a definition, and once we fundamentally change the meaning of it (or "broaden our understanding") we'll really have it figured out? How about if we look to God's Word for the correct definition of who we are and what "sexuality" is? 

Hirsch says a bunch of other confusing things about needing to "have a conversation" in "our communities" that requires "vulnerability" but then gets to this: 

"I fear that our boundaries and our fear is actually stopping us from being the people that God has called us to be."

It's hard to know what "boundaries" and "fears" she's talking about, but if we look around at the world of modern Evangelicalism, we see a sex-obsessed, divorce-loving, marriage-destroying, pornographic train wreck of a sub-culture.

Maybe a "lack of boundaries" isn't the problem?


HERE is a thorough (and thoughtful) review of this book.