Wrestling Match, Drag Race or Youth Conference?

This is so exaggerated and over-the-top, it's beyond embarrassing-it's a parody of itself. "Extreme worship, drama, an in-your-face word, and of course, the raw presence of God!!" 

Because regular worship is not... extreme enough. And unless a word is in-your-face it's no good. And the normal presence of God is okay, but the raw presence of God is even better (actually, just the "normal" presence of God would kill you). The young people subjected to this kind of delusional Christianity are to be greatly pitied. Most sadly of all, this extremely hyper, overly-emotional approach burns people out-just as it did in the days of Charles Finney...

Here's a video of people jumping around, crying and then Pastor Salvo yelling a lot; and sounding more "inner-city-a" the longer he speaks-a: