Hillsong's 2015 Rose-tinted-Glasses "Vision"?

You just can't make this stuff up. This is the gimmick Hillsong pulled for their 2015 Vision Sunday:

Hillsong-vision-assimilation"Oooooo! Vision!"

Who are responsible for the roses tinted glasses vision outbreak? Why Brian Houston and Bobbie Houston of course! This is an image of both fuhrer's promoting "The Cause" which is on Bobbie Houston's Instagram:


"I often tell our church that we have one vision... No doubt you have heard of an “us-and-them” spirit. It is one I do not let fester in our church. I ask our leaders, “On which side of ‘us and them’ do you find yourself?” Loyalty always positions itself as one of “them”. You can build the church, a marriage, and friendship on that kind of loyalty." - Brian Houston

The prophetic "Vision" of Hillsong has also invaded the animal Kingdom.

Hillsong-vision-dog"He's counting down the days. #vision" - Brian Houston

Resistance is futile. Who will be assimilated next into the Hillsong Vision?

Beiber submitting to Hillsong Vision