Idolatry starts with I

Did you know that to bring revival to a generation, you just need to "bend your life in such a way that makes Jesus willingly follow you?" Yes, apparently Jesus has been waiting all these years for a prophet like this guy to explain it correctly. We expect to hear about a gigantic and mighty revival as a result of  this teaching very soon, since Jesus must surely be following him by now. 

"Prophet" Micah Wood from the Ramp Church teaches how you can can start revival (5:40).

“Now the interesting thing is to me, there are many interesting things to me about God’s story – but one of the most interesting things to me is that all throughout the bible you find Jesus telling people to follow him: “Follow me. I will make you fishers of man. Drop down your nets and follow me. Follow me. Let the dead bury their dead. You follow me. Uh, you know, a man who sets his hand to the plow but looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God. You just follow me. Peter, don’t worry about what John’s gonna do in his life, you just follow me.”

All through out the bible you see Jesus saying, “Follow me. Follow me. Follow me. Follow me.”

But here we meet a man named Jairus who is a ruler of the synagogue who doesn’t just live in such a way to follow Jesus, there’s something about what he does with his life of worship that causes Jesus to follow him. That Jesus all through out the bible that says, “Follow me. Follow me. Follow me.” And He meets one man that Jesus does not just say, “Follow me,” Jesus says to him, “I’m going to follow you.” Because genuine revival and genuine awakening and the genuine purpose of God for your life does not happen when we occasionally bend ourselves or push ourselves where Jesus is. Genuine revival and awakening and purpose happens when we bend our lives in such a way that Jesus is willing to follow us. And for years and years we’ve had a concept that’s long as we occasionally put ourselves in the middle of whereever Jesus is then we’re doing good.

But what’s really doing good is when you so develop a lifestyle of worship that Jesus and the presence of Jesus follow you around wherever you go.”

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