He Still Hasn't Found What He's Looking For

Here's a very interesting article from Herescope about the recent Eugene Peterson/Bono video:

He Still Hasn't Found What He's Looking For

Here's the actual video on YouTube

Bono (from the Irish band U2) is not the typical rock star-he does not write about sex and drugs like many of his music industry counterparts; he's known to be a thoughtful and passionate person who often goes out on a limb and says whatever he believes. But it's strange how being a huge celebrity (his net worth is estimated to be $300 million!) has somehow made his opinion on God's Word of great value. This video was made in conjunction with Fuller Seminary. Eugene Peterson is most famous for having written his own version of the Bible which is full of problems and mistranslations. Here's an article with more information about The Message Bible. 

It's interesting to watch this 21 minute video entitled "The Psalms" and notice that very little of the content actually talks about the Psalms; most of it is about Bono and Peterson, with lot's of artsy shots and emotional music. It's also interesting to consider how Peterson says he figured out what the Psalms were about when he was an adolescent (but no one else could, apparently, so he had to write The Message in 2002). Even more ironically, Bono wrote the song "40" which actually quotes the first three verses of Psalm 40 in the early days of U2 (1983), way before The Message was ever written; but he goes on to praise the updated language of The Message-even though he wrote one of his most popular and openly religious songs using the "old" Bible.  

Here's a satirical article that goes along with this topic: The User's Guide to Postmodern Christianity