Rick Warren Plays "Candle In The Wind" on Miniature Piano As Elton John Looks On

In a display of inter-faith dialogue and world peace, Evangelical superstar pastor Rick Warren began unexpectedly performing Elton John's famous ballad "Candle in the Wind" on a miniature piano as the rock star, vocalist and songwriter sat next to him. Although Warren played the song flawlessly, it appeared to have no effect on the world famous pop star, who was in the middle of saying something really important. 

Afterwards, Sir Elton was over-heard saying to a bystander "Why did he do that? Does anybody know?" 

After repeated attempts for an interview with pastor Warren, we were given no direct reply, but were, instead, sent a link to the PDF version of "A Purpose Driven Life."


Undaunted by the unenthusiastic Elton John, Warren was found later that night playing a striking version of "Pinball Wizard" in the hotel lobby where Elton was staying.