Bill Johnson: The Presence of God or Demons in Church?

Here’s a detailed (and disturbing) video of the false teaching from Bill Johnson’s popular YouTube video called “Presence of God by Bill Johnson

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A Corporate Pilot Tells the Truth About Jesse Duplantis (and Kenneth Copeland)

Jesse Duplantis and Kenneth Copeland are two of the biggest Word of Faith teachers in the world. They both expect their gullible followers to buy them numerous private jets "for the Lord."

Here's a video from a pilot who is very familiar with the world of corporate jets, who tells the unvarnished truth about these clowns:

A "Blackface" Pastor and His Jam: Young Christians are in Trouble

Here's another informative and disturbing video from the great YouTube channel BezelT3. This time he's reviewing video footage from (yet another) conference, "The Awakening Conference" and this embarrassing speech from Chad Veach: