CCM Song Critique: "Through Your Eyes" by Britt Nicole

Here's another CCM Song Critique by Jorge Rodriguez at Faithful Stewardship. Please, please, please keep in mind that these articles are examining the meaning and theology of the lyrics-NOT critiquing the intentions or sincerity of the songwriters/performers:

"Through Your Eyes" by Britt Nicole at Faithful Stewardship Blog


A note from Steve:

The problem with the lyrics in this song is similar to the problem expressed in this Todd White video critique:  Todd White Flips the Gospel Upside Down. While we all agree that people shouldn't live in a state of shame, the answer to that shame is to receive the Gospel in Word and Sacrament, not convince ourselves that we're actually much better, or more beautiful than we think we are. Jesus died on the cross to rescue us from sin and death; that's what He did in spite of our sin-not because we're so valuable or "beautiful inside." If you're exhausted from trying to feel better about yourself by "remembering your true identity" or (worse) by mustering up the ability to live without sin (for just a little while) I suggest that your theology is wrong and it has actually burdened you with another work for you to accomplish. Perhaps the Gospel is even better (and more simple) than you thought!

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