What's Wrong with The Passion "Translation?" It's the Messed Up Bible!

The Passion "Translation" is NOT a translation-it's a paraphrase that takes great liberties with the original text. It's The Messed Up Bible.

Here's a (somewhat gentle) rebuke (from a Charismatic theologian):

What's Wrong with The Passion "Translation?" 

Here's another (somewhat harsher) review on this new "Bible" from Holly Pivec at Spirit of Error:

A New NAR Bible (part one) 

And here's another article from Holly Pivec about the "Passion" author Brian Simmons:

It's not too surprising that the same people who claim to get new revelations from God and then twist God's Word to fit their own agenda, would just go right ahead and publish their own, unique version of the Bible that says whatever they think it should say-regardless of the original texts.