What's Wrong with The Passion "Translation?" It's the Messed Up Bible!

The Passion "Translation" is NOT a translation-it's a paraphrase that takes great liberties with the original text. It's The Messed Up Bible. This "translation" was the work of one man, Brian Simmons, who claims that he got his new ideas directly from Jesus, who personally visited him in his room and gave him "downloads."

Here's a (somewhat gentle) rebuke (from a Charismatic theologian):

What's Wrong with The Passion "Translation?" 

Here's another (somewhat harsher) review on this new "Bible" from Holly Pivec at Spirit of Error:

A New NAR Bible (part one) 

And here's another article from Holly Pivec about the "Passion" author Brian Simmons (and there are more related articles at this site):

Apostle Brian Simmons: Name Dropping and Name Dodging

Here's a serious article from Old Testament & Hebrew scholar, Andrew G. Shead: Burning Scripture with Passion: A Review of The Psalms (The Passion Translation) 

Here's an excellent short article and short podcast from Alisa Childers, who mentions Andrew Shead's article (above):

Here's Why Christians Should Be Concerned About The Passion Translation of the Bible

Here's a helpful article from Got Questions?

What is the Passion Translation of the Bible?


Here's a video (part of a small series) that explains the use of "chiasms" in the Psalms and how the Passion Translation completely ignores them and violates the language of the Psalms:

It's not too surprising that the same people who claim to get new revelations from God and then twist God's Word to fit their own agenda, would just go right ahead and publish their own, unique version of the Bible that says whatever they think it should say-regardless of the original texts. 

Here's an article about the outrageous claims made by Brian Simmons on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" TV Show:

John Chapter 22 is Really Important (But God Won't Allow Us to Read It Yet)