"Billars of Revelation" on Sid Roth: How to Activate Your "Portal of Light"


Take the opportunity to expand your portal! Signs, wonders and miracles will fill YOUR atmosphere!

"Our next guest believes (and I do, too) that everyone has a cylinder of light, or a portal to heaven over themselves, and as you realize this and as you activate this, that's how heaven brings things from heaven to earth for you. She wants you to activate your cylinder of light," says Sid Roth as he introduces his guest Rebecca King.

"There's supernatural protection in this open portal that we have the opportunity in this earth realm to access," says Rebecca King. Sid Roth replies, "and when it says thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, through this portal comes the things we've prayed for." Rebecca King answers, "absolutely, our blessings travel through our portal."

This is the story of how she came to understand this portal: "Well I was actually mowing grass and I was on a riding lawnmower... and all of a sudden the heavens opened over me and the clouds actually rolled back and and and billars of of of of magnificent revelation and I squinted my eyes and I caught another gear and I sped up and I stayed busy for the next 30 years." 

As unbelievable as all of this sounds, it must be true because Dr. Michael Brown approves of Sid Roth!