Cindy Jacobs Reveals Powerful One-Word Prophecy: "BASTA!!"

Prophet Cindy Jacobs says she was in Miami when the Lord spoke to her very clearly—in Spanish.

"The Lord says to me, 'Basta!'" Jacobs shares with a panel on the Jim Bakker Show. "It means fed up, no more. That's what it means—Basta," Mondo de la Vega says. Her prophecy lines up with a word Bishop Ron Webb shared ("It's time to punch the enemy with prophecy!"). "When the enemy comes in like a flood, that's what you say, 'Basta!'" Jacobs says.

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This is a REAL story from the "Dr. Michael Brown endorsed" website: Charisma News

Please add BASTA to your Bibles (it shouldn't take up very much room).