Welcoming Artist and Blogger Steven Kozar to the H.M.S. Aletheia

I wanted to take a few moments to formally welcome my good friend, artist and blogger Steven Kozar to our pirate ship. I've known Steven and have been following his blog (The Messed Up Church) for some time now. If you are a regular listener of my Fighting for the Faith podcast, you heard my recent interview Steven regarding his recent article, "When Did the Church Turn Into Amway?" During the interview we discussed his time in Evangelicalism and the Charismatic church, the changes in the church over the past 2 decades, mind control and theological diarrhea.

As we mentioned during the interview, I am also happy to announce that Steven will be the new "Master Curator" of our Museum of Idolatry and in the coming weeks he will be moving the Messed Up Church blog under the Blogs section of this website. I think you will agree with me that Steven is both funny and helpful in his understanding of the current Evangelical landscape and we are blessed to have him aboard our ship.

In addition to his swash-buckling prowess, Steven has been a full-time, hyper-realist artist since 1986. I have one of his prints (Winter Sheep) hanging in my home and it looks so real you might think it was a photograph. Since he will be helping us with our blogs and content, we wanted to feature his Signed Watercolor Prints in our Bakesale. A majority of the proceeds from the sale of each print will go directly back to Steven. So please consider buying a few prints as Christmas presents for your family and friends. His "Winter Sheep" print would be a special gift for your pastor in light of John 21:15-17.

You can read more about Steven and his paintings at stevenkozar.com