Why Perry Noble Can't and Won't Admit that Hebrew Has a Word for Command

Perry Noble is in a no win situation. On Christmas Eve he told everyone at NewSpring that there is no Hebrew word for command. He didn't say it once, or twice, he repeated this claim throughout the entire message.

Since then, myself and a number of other Christians in the media like Dr. James White and Janet Mefferd have pointed out the patent absurdity of Noble's claim. In fact, one need only read Mark 10:17–19 to realize that Jesus called them commandments and in Christianity there is no higher authority than Jesus.

So then why won't Perry Noble just admit that he was wrong and that he made a mistake?

The answer is very simple.

The reason why Perry Noble can't and won't publicly admit that Hebrew has a word for command is because he claimed that the message that he delivered on Christmas Eve was laid on his heart by God.

Here's what Perry Noble said:

During the message Noble claimed that God put it on his heart to preach the message and everyone on staff at Newspring gave him the green light.

If Perry Noble publicly admits that he was wrong and confesses that there is in fact a Hebrew word for command, then that would prove that neither he, nor anyone on the leadership team at NewSpring, receives direct revelation from God.

Since God cannot lie (Titus 1:1) if there truly is a Hebrew word for command (such as צָוָה) then God did not tell Perry Noble to say that there wasn't.

If God did not tell Perry Noble to say there was no Hebrew word for command then according to Deut 18:20–22 that would make Noble a false prophet.

If Perry Noble is a false prophet who does not truly hear God's voice, as he has repeatedly claimed over the years, then it is highly doubtful that Perry received a vision from God to start NewSpring Church as a "church for the unchurched", as he claims that he has.

In other words, if Perry publicly admitted that there was a Hebrew word for command it would destroy all his credibility as a vision-casting leader.

What is at stake for Perry Noble is...everything.

That is why Perry Noble can't and won't admit that Hebrew has a word for command.

χάρις ἔλεος εἰρήνη σοι,