Going Deeper: Sound Christology

Here are some good resources to help you gain a deeper understanding of sound Biblical Christology.

1) A Segment from the Fighting for the Faith radio program where Chris Rosebrough answers an listener email that asks the question, "Is Jesus Christ God and where does it say it in the Bible?"

2) A PDF Walking through the primary Biblical passages pertaining to a proper understanding of the Doctrine of Christ written by the great A.L. Graebner

Click Here to Download

3) A series of lectures delivered by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt that walks through one of the most comprehensive theological works written on the Doctrine of Christ entitled, The Two Natures In Christ written by Martin Chemnitz.

— Click Here to watch the lectures.

— Click Here to purchase The Two Natures In Christ by Martin Chemnitz.

4) A series three of lectures by Pastor Brian L. Kachelmeier on basic Christology

Redeemer Theological Academy: Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3

I pray that these resources help you grow in your understanding of Jesus Christ and sound Biblical Christology.

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