Does the Bible Teach Us to Pray Sun Stand Still Prayers??

Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC has a new book that has just been released. In the book, he claims that he's discovered a new way for Christians to pray. What is this "new" and previously undiscovered "secret prayer" that Steven Furtick has discovered? Furtick calls them "Sun Stand Still Prayers".

Sadly, the church has seen books like this come and go in the past few decades. The last time we saw a book claiming to have discovered a previously undiscovered prayer was the Prayer of Jabez. Like the Prayer of Jabez, Sun Stand Still relies on extreme Bible twisting, eisegesis and allegorization of the Biblical text in order to make its case for a prayer that the church in its entire 2,000 year history has NEVER prayed. Is Sun Stand Still a Biblical prayer or is it just another fanciful and warped reading of the text that will make its author rich at the expense of Biblical truth?

In the review of Sun Stand Still posted below, Chris Rosebrough Biblically critiques Steven Furtick's major premises and allegorical interpretation of Joshua 10:9-14 in order to answer these questions:

Are Sun Stand Still Prayers Biblical?

Did Jesus teach His believers to pray Sun Stand Still Prayers?

Why has the church NEVER taught Sun Stand Still Prayers in its entire 2000 year history?

Please take the time to open your Bible and follow along and pass this audio to your friends who are being influenced by the false teaching of Steven Furtick.

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