Church of Scotland minister says to teach Jesus died for sins is “ghastly theology”

“Jesus did not die for our sins. No No No No. That is Ghastly theology. Don’t go there.”

This “Pastor” has now joined the ranks of rank heresy shared by Brian Mclaren, Tony Jones, Rob Bell, Jay Bakker and many others who deny propitiation, or atonement for sins that Jesus’ blood covers.

Pastor Scott McKenna, minister of Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church in Edinburgh, has now openly denied one of the most accepted teachings of mainstream Christianity and told his congregation that it was “ghastly theology” to believe that Jesus Christ died for sinners. (Never mind that the bible is full of verses like Hebrews 9:12 and 1 John 2:2 that point us to this basic Christian doctrine)

Listen to his own ghastly words:

The growing move among the progressive Christians away from Jesus’ atoning work on the cross was a spark initially ignited by Brian McLaren a few years ago, and more recently promoted by Tony Jones and others. As you can see from the link to this article, this blasphemous idea is a quickly spreading leaven that is infecting the visible Church at breakneck speed.

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