If your sermon prep comes from "The Shack," just step down now

I really wasn't planning on writing another word about the blasphemous Shack film. After all, we already know that The Shack is a satanic counterfeit of biblical Christianity, and is counter to the doctrine God Almighty gave to us in His breathed-out Word. (Read here, here, here...)

But, this:

Remember when Evangelical pastors used to study God's Word all week in preparation for their Sunday sermons?  I said a year ago that The Shack movie would spawn all sorts of sermon packages, small group "bible" studies, and more.

Check this out:

"Based on the movie in theaters March 3, The Shack, this 5-week campaign and study are designed to help people experience the life-changing goodness, grace, and presence of God.

Using engaging scenes from the film, paired with relevant Scripture, these resources are an invitation to experience the ultimate truth about love, loss, and forgiveness. This DIGITAL DOWNLOAD kit contains:

  • 5 clips from the film

  • 5 customizable sermons

  • 5 sermon bumper videos

  • Campaign Planning Guide

  • Web and social media graphics

  • PowerPoint templates and bulletin insert template

Outreach, Inc., the same folks who profiteered from many other Xtian film/sermonettes (including Nick Hall's ReSet movement), put this together for pastors who would rather be fishing or hunting than rightly exegete God's Word to feed the sheep.

Good grief. The stench of this fruit should offend even the dopiest pulpit pretenders. This particular pastor sums up how the Evangelical Industrial Complex has been in bed with demonic forces: