Psst! Avast there! It be too late to alter course, mateys… And there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, waitin’ to board. Sit closer together, and keep your ruddy hands inboard. That be the best way to repel boarders. And mark well me words, mateys… DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! Ye come seekin’ adventure and salty ol’ pirates, eh? Sure ye come to the proper place. But keep a weather eye open, mates, and hold on tight, with both hands if you please… there be squalls ahead, and Davy Jones waiting for them what don’t obey.
— Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean (Original Attraction Soundtrack)

The following quotes are provided as a reference tool for the Reformanda Card Game (available in our Bakesale).

So what is a Recognito?

A “Recognito” is a tool that helps people recognize modern-day cults (MDCs)… MDCs have their own gospel, Jesus, “Holy Spirit,” “Faith” and so on. To tamper with any of these foundational Christian doctrines is to tamper with the Gospel, which leads one to “fail the test,” be deceived by Satan and eventually be eternally anathematized/damned by God Himself.

Source: What is a Recognito? by Church Watch Central (see also: Pirate Lexicon)

Purpose Driven Life

1. PDL Jesus

If you know Jesus, I am sorry to break it to you, this church is not for you.
— Source: Steve Furtick, Confessions of a Pastor

2. PDL Gospel

When it comes to salvation, purpose gives you a revelation that “being saved” is bigger than you and heaven. You have an eternal perspective. The work of the Holy Spirit also takes on a new dimension. Luke 4:18 says, “The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me.” Yes, the Spirit is on you, but purpose helps you see why!
— Source: Brian Houston, For This I Was Born, Page 108

3. PDL Spirit

If you do not believe in the heart and soul of your church, it doesn’t mean you’re bad. It does mean you have to be careful in how you leave.
— Source: Carl Lentz (53:25)

4. PDL Faith

Imagining is essential to living by faith. In fact you cannot live by faith without imagination.
— Source: Rick Warren

5. PDL Authority

I believe in blessed subtraction. There is a pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus, and by God’s grace, it’ll be a mountain by the time we’re done. You either get on the bus or you get run over by the bus. Those are the options. But the bus ain’t going to stop!
— Source: Mark Driscoll

5. PDL Ecclesia

Be willing to let people leave the church. And I told you earlier the fact that people are gonna leave the church no matter what you do. But when you define the vision, you’re choosing who leaves. You say, “But Rick, yes, they’re the pillars of the church.” Now, you know what pillars are. Pillars are people who hold things up … And in your church, you may have to have some blessed subtractions before you have any real additions.
— Source: Rick Warren, “Building a Purpose Driven Church” seminar, Saddleback Church (January 1998), quoted in “The Church Growth Movement: An Analysis of Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven’ Church”, in Foundation Magazine (March-April 1998)

6. PDL Authority

I believe in blessed subtraction. There is a pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus, and by God’s grace, it’ll be a mountain by the time we’re done. You either get on the bus or you get run over by the bus. Those are the options. But the bus ain’t going to stop!
— Source: Mark Driscoll

7. PDL Commission

I think the biggest issue is relevance, I really do. We are scratching people where they are itching.
— Source: Brian Houston, The Lord’s Profits, Sydney Morning Herald,, Published 30/01/2003. (Accessed 06/01/2015)

8. PDL Hermeneutic

The !@(#@$$ in the church is the one that always screams, “I wanna go deeper.” You know what I tell people that say that around here? You’re only as deep as the last person you served. You wanna talk deep, let’s go check your tithing record and see how deep you are.
— Source: Perry Noble, 2009

9. PDL Glory

I’ve come to a realization that faith, vision and dreams, they’re all synonymous. When you have faith, you always walk in visions and dreams. And when you have a vision and a dream, it will be so great it requires faith for you to carry it out. And if they are not scary or risky, then there is no need for you and I to trust in the Lord.
— Source: Kong Hee, C3 Presence Conference 2011 (03:47), 2011

10. PDL Eschaton

God’s plan for this planet is awesome, and his desire is that each of us fulfills his potential and plays her part.
— Source: Brian Houston, For This I Was Born, Page 128

11. Know Them By Their PDL Nuts

I want you to live in such a way that the squirrels of this life don’t get your ‘Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups’.
— Source: Tory Farina, High Point Church, Eagan, MN

Health and Wealth

1. HAW Jesus

I think that Jesus is the product.
— Source: T.D. Jakes,

2. HAW Gospel

Jesus became poor regarding the wealth of this world on the cross, that those who receive Him may become rich with the wealth of this world.
— Source: Phil Pringle, Dead For Nothing?, 2000, pg. 58

3. HAW Spirit

Poverty is a spirit that comes from Satan, who is the father of lies.
— Source: Creflo Dollar,

4. HAW Faith

But where your money is that’s where your heart is. So if you are not talking about money, if you are not talking about finances, your heart is not with God. Because God and finances are linked together. God and money is linked together.
— Source: Amanda Wells, Masterclass Financial Seminar Part 4, YouTube,, Uploaded 08/01/2011, 5:25. (Accessed: 24/02/2015) (Alternate title: Financial Freedom Session 4)

5. HAW Ecclesia

I’ve got to ask you, seriously, why have you been coming to church if you’re not bringing the tithe? Seriously! What are you expecting? Just hang out at home, man! And play golf! You don’t need to be here! What are you expecting man? Are you crazy?
— Source: Ed Young Jr.,, Published on Mar 8, 2011 This video also known as, “Ed Young’s Tithing ‘Long Bomb'”. (Listen to excerpts from Ed Young’s 10/10/10 sermon on tithing)

6. HAW Authority

You are destined to rein in life. You are called by the Lord to be a success, to enjoy wealth, to enjoy health, and to enjoy life of victory. It is not the Lord’s desire that you live a life of defeat, poverty, and failure. He has called you to be the head and not the tail.
— Source: Prince, Joseph. Destined to Reign. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Harrison House Publishers, 2007, page 1.

7. HAW Commission 

I don’t really know what the prosperity gospel is. The way I define it is that I believe God wants you to prosper in your health, in your family, in your relationships, in your business, and in your career. So I do… if that is the prosperity gospel, then I do believe that.
— Source: Joel Osteen

8. HAW Hermeneutic

If you practice the principles of prosperity in the Word of God, this says [Luke 4:18] says God will make you the head and not the tail.
— Source: John Hagee, Christianity in Crisis by Hank Hanegraaf, page 202.

9. HAW Glory

That’s the kind of prophet I want to have. You know, people talk about prophets rising up in this hour. We need to have prophets who will tell us what shares to buy. Amen! About when to buy a property, when to sell a property, what property to buy. We need prophets who are a profit, amen!” (19:52)
— Source: Phil Pringle, Sermon: “Make Room for God”:

10. HAW Eschaton

Immediately [Jesus] told me He had set me apart for the purpose of bringing the end-time message of biblical economics to the Church.
— Source: John Avanzini, 30, 60, Hundredfold,

11. Know Them By Their HAW Nuts

And by the way, if there is any part of the bible you want to believe – it’s the blessing part. If you just got to doubt something, doubt the hell chapters.
— Source: Mike Murdock

Liberal and Emergent

1. LIB Jesus

I can’t find one place in the teachings of Jesus, or the Bible for that matter, where we are to identify ourselves first and foremost as sinners.
— Source: Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis, 130.

2. LIB Gospel

I am definitely questioning the atonement and trying to discover how we can see it in a different way… I think Jesus died because Jesus was inclusive… I think that the idea of God somehow being separated from us was more man’s idea.
— Source: Jay Bakker, (Accessed 26/06/2016)

3. LIB Spirit

We… are developing a theology which derives from the mystics, a theology without theology to complement our religion without religion.
— Source: Peter Rollins, The Real Roots of the Emergent Church Documentary,, Uploaded 27/01/2012. (Accessed 25/02/2016)

4. LIB Faith

I’m humble because I don’t know what I’m wrong about today. I’ll speak with confidence and I’ll speak with passion, but I won’t speak with certainty.
— Source: Tony Jones,, The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier.

5. LIB Ecclesia

It’s not about the church meeting your needs; it’s about joining the mission of God’s people to meet the world’s needs.
— Source: Brian D. McLaren,

6. LIB Authority

The inerrancy debate is based on the belief that the Bible is the word of God, that the Bible is true because God made it and gave it to us as a guide to truth. But that’s not what the Bible says.
— Source: Doug Pagitt,

7. LIB Commission 

I am saying that there is no salvation apart from Jesus; that’s my evangelical mindset. However, I am not convinced that Jesus only lives in Christians.
— Source: Tony Campolo,

8. LIB Hermeneutic

We shape our God, and then our God shapes us.
— Source: Rob Bell, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, pg. 182, 183, 184, (Accessed 26/06/2016)

9. LIB Glory

To believe is human to doubt is divine.
— Source: Peter Rollins,

10. LIB Eschaton

‘Raising of the dead’ is an expression which looks expectantly towards the future proof of God’s creative power over the non-existent…what ‘actually happened’ in the raising of Jesus, is thus a thing which not even the New Testament Easter narratives profess to know.
— Source: Moltmann, The Emergent Church (page 35).

11. Know Them By Their LIB Nuts

The cross is God taking on flesh and blood and saying, Me too.
— Source: Rob Bell,

New Apostolic Reformation

1. NAR Jesus

God wants to manifest Himself through you today, just as He manifested Himself through Christ 2,000 years ago.
— Source: Apostle David Yonggi Cho, The Fourth Dimension, 1979, page 20.

2. NAR Gospel

The gospel came not in word only but through power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. So the gospel is demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit… That’s how they find Christ. It’s because they believe in that manner.
— Source: William Branham, The Sound of God’s Voice, (Accessed 15/07/2015)

3. NAR Spirit

I’m not exactly the normal kind of guy, you know. I’m from Israel. Sometimes I wish God would give me a Holy Ghost machine gun. I’d blow your head off!
— Source: Benny Hinn, Praise the Lord: Praise-a-Thon, TBN, 08/11/1990,

4. NAR Faith

I get so excited when I see God move on and through our children. I learn so much at the same time. Their posture of simple trust is favored of God: “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” (Mk.10:15) We know this verse is not about heaven in the hereafter, but understanding what God has made for us to apprehend of the heavenly realm here and now. However, we can only see it if we come in childlike faith.
— Source: Che Ahn, (Accessed 28/05/2016)

5. NAR Ecclesia

Since 2001, the body of Christ has been in the Second Apostolic Age. The apostolic/prophetic government of the Church is now in place… Once we have the apostles in place, we will then bring the intercessors and the prophets into the inner circle, and we will end up with the spiritual core we need to move ahead for retaking the dominion that is rightfully ours.
— Source: Peter Wagner,

6. NAR Authority

I’ve been a defender of the prophets. And I’m still a defender of the prophets. And just because everything is more popular to be an apostle, don’t give up your prophet calling. You know, when the Apostolic came, half my prophets became Apostles… Especially in the hispanic nations… if you are not an Apostle you are a nobody.
— Source: Dr. Bill Hamon, Tuesday PM Session at the 2011 25th International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets. 25th IGAP: Bishop Bill Hamon,, (Uploaded by CIMNTV on Oct 31, 2011)

7. NAR Commission

This is the apostolic commission, and it is far beyond human genius or ability. If we are going to be apostolic, our labor will not be finished until Christ is formed in His people. We must not let any other emphasis eclipse this basic work. We are looking for far more than the manifestation of the sons of God; we are looking for the manifestation of the Son of God in His people. Jesus must always be the focus of our ministry if we are ever to be truly apostolic.
— Source: Rick Joyner, The Apostolic Ministry, page 79.

8. NAR Hermeneutic

Jesus: “For the Word alone is yesterday’s manna and even they [prophetic teachers] have seen deep in their hearts that it is no longer enough to feed my people.
— Source: Wendy Alec, Journal of the Unknown Prophet: A Visitation of Jesus Christ, Arrow Publications, Incorporated, 2005.

9. NAR Glory

Times of great evil lie ahead. God’s army must be equipped and trained. Then it can come forth. A new breed of leaders must arise.
— Source: Dr Michael Brown, What Happened to the Power of God?, Destiny Image, Revival Press, Published 1991, page 161.

10. NAR Eschaton

Brother Kilpatrick just asked before said, ‘We don’t know how long this revival will continue.’ I’ll tell you. This will continue until Jesus comes.
— Source: Yonggi Cho, Brownsville Revival, 1995,, Published on Aug 30, 2012. (Accessed 10/06/2016)

11. Know Them By Their NAR Nuts

Shakababa! Yay God! … I just have a word -WOAH! – I feel like – Ho! – like – Shabba! WOAH! – I have a word – SHABBAH! I have a word over Australia… And the Lord says to the fathers and to the mothers, to the pastors and the brothers- shakah! – I am sending you straaaaaange fish! Heee-aay! I am sending you straaaaaange fish!
— Source: Heidi Baker, FALSE Prophetess Heidi Baker and her “strange fish”,, Published on Jan 9, 2014. (Accessed 10/02/2015)

Pelagian Heresy

1. PEL Jesus

Too often we fail to look at others through the eyes of Jesus. While we have spent centuries arguing over the doctrine of original sin, pouring [sic] over the Bible and huge theological tomes to prove the inherent sinfulness of all humankind, we have missed a startling point: Jesus believed in original goodness! God declared that all his creation, including humankind, was very good. And it’s this original goodness that Jesus seeks out in us.
— Source: Steve Chalke and Alan Mann, The Lost Message of Jesus, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Zondervan, 2003.

2. PEL Gospel 

Jesus died for us because we have weaknesses and imperfections, and we don’t have to reject ourselves because of them. God wants us to love ourselves and enjoy how He’s made us!
— Source: Joyce Meyer,

3. PEL Spirit

The bottom line is that the Holy Spirit never convicts you of your sins. He NEVER comes to point out your faults. I challenge you to find a scripture in the Bible that the Holy Spirit comes to convict you of your sins.”

“Remind yourself that the Holy Spirit was sent to convict you of your righteousness apart from works.
— Source: Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, pages 134-5 and 151.

4. PEL Faith

There is a difference between churchianity and Christianity. There’s no doubt about that. Big difference. And Jesus didn’t come to give us a religion. He gave to give us a relationship. Remember – go back to what he said: Love God with all you heart and love your neighbor as yourself. I’m a Christian pastor, what do you expect me to say?
— Source: Rick Warren, Winning the Hand You’re Dealt, Oprah Lifeclass, January 2013.

5. PEL Ecclesia

What you condemn in others, you attract to yourself! Judge not, lest you be judged!
— Source: Paula White,, Sep 6, 2014.

6. PEL Authority

I just want to encourage every one of us to realize when we obey God, we’re not doing it for God—I mean, that’s one way to look at it—we’re doing it for ourselves, because God takes pleasure when we’re happy. That’s the thing that gives Him the greatest joy. So, I want you to know this morning: Just do good for your own self. Do good because God wants you to be happy. When you come to church, when you worship Him, you’re not doing it for God really. You’re doing it for yourself, because that’s what makes God happy. Amen?
— Source: Victoria Osteen,, August 2014

7. PEL Commission

The gospel is really about hand to hand combat, person to person, woman to woman, reaching people everyday. That’s what the gospel is to me.
— Source: Carl Lentz

8. PEL Hermeneutic

God is instead a metaphor for goodness and a life lived with compassion and justice.
— Source: Gretta Vosper,

9. PEL Glory

Discover the champion in you!
— Source: Joel Osteen

10. PEL Eschaton

Perhaps all along, my deepest joy has never been to have all my dreams come true, but rather to have God’s one dream come true: that this world will become a place God is at home in, a place God takes pride and pleasure in, a place where God’s dreams come true.
— Source: Brian Mclaren, The Emergent Church, page 42.

11. Know Them By Their PEL Nuts

Heaven wants you to run the race well. Want some advice? Lose the sin-it messes everything up. Shake off the stuff from the past. Jesus paid a big price so you could do that.”
— Source: Bobbie Houston, I’ll Have What She’s Having. Nashville Tennessee. Thomas Nelson: 2008. page 10.