Patricia King Can Ascend to Heaven

Patricia King claims she has the ability to ascend into the heavens, and she has apparently received study notes that she describes as almost complete dictation from the Holy Spirit on how you also can "ascend into the heavens." Perhaps she could take some videos of heaven on her next visit?

Instead of teaching people at her "glory school" she could could simply show us heaven itself! Of wait, she can't charge a fee if she doesn't have a "glory school."

According to Patricia King, the Bible isn't clear enough on our ability to ascend to heaven, so she needed some Holy Spirit dictated notes to make up for where the Bible is lacking. 

We know the Bible isn't lacking of course. We really don't need whatever Patricia King's vast imagination can conjure up. In fact when you see her lips start moving, it's probably a good idea to run away as fast and far as you can!

My dear brothers; eventually some new teachers will bring new teachings into the Church. Among their beneficial ideas will be the practice of “ascending to heaven” on an ongoing basis. And these new teachers will sell their services in what will be called “Glory Schools.” You must follow these teachers and ignore the previous teachings of the Bible.
— Said No Apostle Ever

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