Common Core Christianity Round Up


00:09:27 - Graham Cooke Living Your Truest Identity
00:19:28 - Carey Nieuwhof Blames Pastoral Care For Small Churches
00:41:32 - Karl Giberson Saving the Original Sinner
01:06:54 - Sermon Review: Faith That Creates the Future by Erwin McManus

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COMMON CORE "Christianity": Andy Stanley's Re-Write of Church History

Just like there has been an intentional dumbing down and irrationalizing of the U.S. academic standards via the absurdities of the Common Core curriculum, there has also been an intentional and deceitful dumbing down and irrationalizing of Christianity via the Seeker-Driven Movement.

Case and point: Andy Stanley's deceptive re-write of Church History and invention of the so-called "Temple Model". If you are not familiar with the Common Core-esc attempt to recast Church History in light of the Seeker-Driven agenda, then its time for you to educate yourself.

These segments of Fighting for the Faith will help you identify the problem and fight back with real Church History and genuine Biblical Doctrine.