Charismatic Code of Ethics - RULE 1

Since Pentecostalism, the Charismatic Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation (sorry Dr. Brown but the NAR is a real thing) have devolved into an utter quagmire of crank conmen and conwomen who spew false prophecies, false and fabricated doctrines as well as practices that are neither found in scripture or are outright forbidden by scripture, I thought I would offer some assistance by creating a simple code of ethics for Charismatics to sign onto and abide by. Each rule in the Code of Ethics is backed by scripture or simple common sense. Because of that fact, any Charismatic who would refuse to abide by this code must be considered an apostate and should not be followed, listened to or supported by Christians.

This Charismatic Code of Ethics is currently a work in progress. Here is the working draft for Rule 1.

RULE 1 - No claims to miraculous healings will be made public by any Charismatic leaders UNTIL verified by independent 3rd party medical doctors. Every claim that a charismatic leader miraculously healed or resurrected someone that is not accompanied by independent 3rd party medical verification will be considered fabricated the leader reporting these unsubstantiated miraculous claims will be labeled a false teacher and a liar.